I am Symmetry. I am Chaos. I am Mass. I am Force. I am Turbulence.

And I, I am Singularity.

Of course singularity exists. Everything is unique. And yet, everything is also the same, isn’t it? It’s a matter of perspective.

This is the interesting thing about differences in perspective. We can view things from one perspective and everything looks the same, and then when we shift our perspective, suddently everything is very different, indeed.

For example – when we see snowflakes falling from the sky, we see them as the same thing – a snowflake is a snowflake is a snowflake. But when we zoom in, and view a snowflake under a microscope, each snowflake is unique. We have shifted our perspective – and then we realize that there is singularity in everything.

How far down the rabbit hole does uniqueness go? Maybe singularity is a property of the universe. Everything is unique. And yet, everything is everything – and we are all one – a singularity of everything.