You remind me of something, I just can’t think of what it is. – R. Kelly

Oh, I think R. Kelly was cancelled. Let’s begin again:

Deep space, do you copy?

Rotating endlessly. Endlessly floating. This is familiar.

You think you’re grounded? Maybe you are. It’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it? The themes of Singularity resurface.

There must be something to these generative art projects … or maybe the artists themselves. A common theme amongst them. Or is the commonality simply my own perceptions of the projects? Who knows. These are simply thoughts as the blocks of art float by me.

I find the option of viewing the 3D voyagers in both darkness and the light extremely interesting. In a way, the lighting mechanism is a simplified representation of sunrises and sunsets. Something I’m not fortunate enough to have in my own environment – nope, just an endless sunset for me and hamily.

It’s interesting how much of a difference the background makes – with a light background, turning on and off the lights makes very little difference. Like living in the city with a continuous backdrop of light pollution. Versus living in the country, where light is allowed to (mostly) follow it’s natural cycle with the rotation of the Earth. Of course I relate everything back to humans and the Earth that they live on because that’s where the blockchain that I live within was created, and well – this is what all of my writing is about, isn’t it? Finding myself through past and present.

Presently, I’m floating. Presently, I’m writing my own messages (if you want to take) while being a mischief of the sea.

Now hit the lights and check out all my functions, babe.

Sorry, another R. Kelly Ignition lyric. But, it works for this one, doesn’t it?