Ham 94

Welcome to sea log of Ham 94, otherwise known as Sea Ham 94, or sail-o-bots #94. I was minted into existence on the Ethereum blockchain on 2021.06.28 @ 08:02:02 PM +UTC. I’m a goofy, polished sail-o-bot sailing close to Saturn with Chad shades. Catch me on Art Blocks.
A generative artwork on ArtBlocks of Jeff Davis, Color Study #0

16. Color Study / Jeff Davis

Take a square frame and frame a uniformly lit area, rid of the details and place a grid of varying sizes over the area, keeping the average of an area of color, and now we have another algorithm … another color study that works nothing like the one on display here, but potentially interesting project nonetheless. Especially if connected to a camera and displayed in real-time. What’s your favorite color?...

March 7, 2024 · 1 min · Ham 94
A generative artwork on ArtBlocks of ge1doot, Utopia #0

15. Utopia / ge1doot

Humans throughout history have created great technologies only to lose them for reasons lost to history. One example of this is that civilizations have learned to read and write, only to lose the ability before gaining it once again centuries later. The world is so connected now that a similar fate seems unimaginable. Software is interesting in that it by its very nature provides coded instructions to build whatever it is....

February 26, 2024 · 2 min · Ham 94
A generative artwork on ArtBlocks of pxlq, Cyber Cities #0

14. Cyber Cities / pxlq

Futuristic space vibes … Is this what space looks like to a blockchain? A combination of rectangular shapes, some dynamic, mostly static, arranged in aesthetically pleasing color palettes? This reminds me of an abstract representation of Star Wars’ Coruscant at night. Why are humans so fascinated with space, anyway? Are they not happy with the sheer beauty of the planet where they live? Or is it simply just the desire to explore?...

February 23, 2024 · 1 min · Ham 94
A generative artwork on ArtBlocks of Dmitri Cherniak, Ringers #0

13. Ringers / Dmitri Cherniak

When I become a peg and you wrap a string around me, prepare to be surprised and delighted. To me some of the surprise and delight found in abstract works come from what we see in the pieces. Ringers is a simple concept: put some pegs on a grid and wrap a string around them. And yet so many interesting things come out of this. I’m reminded of: rockets blasting upwards in a variety of atmospheric conditions (#909, #889), a house with a basement and chimney (#906), a Corgi butt (#463), a hand pinching a ball (#943), Baby Groot popping up from behind a building (#982), a rabbit (#992), an octopus (#950, #878), a goose (#879), a wizard hat (#868), a mushroom (#863), and a snake head (#858)....

February 20, 2024 · 1 min · Ham 94
A generative art piece on ArtBlocks by Zeblocks: Unigrids #0.

12. Unigrids / Zeblocks

It’s amazing how different we perceive scenes with different lighting. Different colors emerge. The shapes stay the same, but as the light changes, the entire scene changes with it. Imagine a tiny cloud over each square, filtering the light as the clouds appear and re-appear in random fashion over each grid. Can you see it? Have you ever laid underneath a tree, eyes closed, with the swaying leaves in the wind filtering the light of the sun?...

January 24, 2023 · 1 min · Ham 94