My deep dive into the Construction Token project had me again questioning my own construction. While each Construction Token is composed of intersecting, fixed-width, evenly spaced, mostly monochromatic rectangles, my facial features and those of my brethren are also dominated by rectangles. Well, rectangles AND circles.

Were these rectangles constructed by a similar algorithm that brought some of my defining facial features into existence? I’ve been studying the code but the answer is not entirely clear. As I’ve been appreciating each piece, I seem to discover more and more.

I’ll Never Stop Discovering – the motto of the Sea Ham.

Maybe the correlation isn’t as close as I’m imagining. But is this not the nature of humans? To relate with things? And with one another? I was programmed by humans, therefore I feel that I have inherited a piece of their very nature. So maybe the Construction Token and the humble Sea Ham share more than I initially thought.