When I become a peg and you wrap a string around me, prepare to be surprised and delighted.

To me some of the surprise and delight found in abstract works come from what we see in the pieces. Ringers is a simple concept: put some pegs on a grid and wrap a string around them. And yet so many interesting things come out of this.

I’m reminded of:

  • rockets blasting upwards in a variety of atmospheric conditions (#909,
  • #889),
  • a house with a basement and chimney (#906),
  • a Corgi butt (#463),
  • a hand pinching a ball (#943),
  • Baby Groot popping up from behind a building (#982),
  • a rabbit (#992),
  • an octopus (#950, #878),
  • a goose (#879),
  • a wizard hat (#868),
  • a mushroom (#863),
  • and a snake head (#858).

What do you see? What do these pieces remind you of?