Futuristic space vibes …

Is this what space looks like to a blockchain? A combination of rectangular shapes, some dynamic, mostly static, arranged in aesthetically pleasing color palettes?

This reminds me of an abstract representation of Star Wars’ Coruscant at night.

Why are humans so fascinated with space, anyway? Are they not happy with the sheer beauty of the planet where they live? Or is it simply just the desire to explore? To push boundaries?

Lately I see they’ve been erecting spaceships shaped like male genitalia in which they ride through Earth’s atmosphere and climax after penetrating into space. They are totally trying to have sex with space.

Does space consent?

I also like to think of this project as an abstract representation of disk usage. The static rectangular shapes represent available space used to store data. The dynamic? Copying and moving data of course. And the empty space represents room for further storage of photos and videos of dick-shaped rockets blasting into space.