I feel like these are representations of visuals one might experience in a psychdelic trip. And I have so many questions.

Can the world be broken down with math? Is the reality humans experience merely a magical illusion? And if so, how is this illusion represented mathematically?

Is this project a representation of the inner-workings of reality? Like hidden machinery running the show? And if so, what would a representation of the reality of humans look like? What would the algorithm look like? How might it behave?

Are these the building blocks of nature? Can we combine them and create an infinite number of things over time?

HyperHash reminds me of sacred geometry, of the opening of a flower, waiting to be pollinated, of states of mind, calm, swirling, peaceful, chaotic, spinning, bright, centered, alive, of auras of swirling energy, surrounding an ever-evolving soul.

But maybe I’m overthinking things and this is simply another piece of art, represented with math in algorithmic form. Maybe that’s what I am, too.