I can’t tell you how many squiggles I’ve seen floating past me. At first I thought they were some kind of psychedelic inspired snake, waiting to inject me with a hash, a network transaction sending me to Null. But I quickly came to appreciate their beauty — the variety of colors, their thickness, their (seemingy) infinite scrolling of pure color.

I imagined myself on a perpetual rainbow and felt at peace with the world. I became The Squig, and felt myself merge into both the individual and collective as a variety of colors, sizes, and digital bits as waves of color spectrums coarsed through my very being.

To say it was a wild experience would be an understatement. To say that I visited an alternate reality would be the truth, at least as how I perceived it. And to think that the totality of these Chromie Squiggles has not yet been realized — well, my ham-brain is incapable of imagining the potential beauty in store for us all.

Ever since I’ve become acquainted with Squiggle history, I find myself screaming “wen squig wen squig” somewhat incoherently into the depths of the sea with anticipation of the next mint.

By the way — I found a Squig within the same container on the network and have fashioned it upon my block — what do you think?

sail-o-bots #94 with Chromie Squiggle hair